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Lending Experience

It’s time to reimagine wholesale!

Introducing a new lending experience
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What it means to

Work Smarter

Don’t let the lending process be overwhelming – make it as easy as possible for your borrowers. Our state-of-the-art lending tools, led by our proprietary Spark technology, allow you to quickly find loan options, determine MI requirements, quote and lock rates, and much more!

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Advanced Scenario Builder

Get all the data you need to generate a quote.

Modernized Loan Locking

Easily lock a loan with the click of a button.

MI Quoting Tool

Quickly find MI rate specifics based on loan parameters.

What it means to

Learn Faster

The mortgage industry can change quickly, and we know you have to stay on your toes to keep up. That’s why we developed a platform that makes it simple for you to find the training and resources you need to be the mortgage expert your clients expect.

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Streamlined Onboarding

Our new process makes it easier than ever to get onboarded.

Learning Management System

The tools you need to do your job in one easy-to-find place.

Compliance Training

We have the training courses you need to stay compliant.

What it means to

Grow Stronger

We’re committed to giving you the marketing assistance you need to reach new customers and retain current clients. From social media to print collateral and emails, we can provide everything you need to stand out from your competition.

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Personalized Marketing

Customize sales collateral with your contact information and colors.

Social Networking

Our library of social content makes it easy to reach your customers.

Relevant Content

We’ll keep you up to date on the latest happenings in the industry.

Loyalty Program that rewards our top partners

Our loyalty program provides incentives for meeting various benchmarks, offers easy-to-track status monitoring, and gives you rewards as you advance your level of achievement.

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Backed by our Unparalleled Customer Service

Our unparalleled customer service has made us a leader in the industry, and when you partner with us you'll always work with the same team that understands your individual needs.

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Non-Solicitation Commitment

In today’s competitive marketplace, we know it’s tougher than ever to maintain your relationships with your customers. That’s why we’re committed to not soliciting our active partners’ customers with any mortgage-related marketing or sales messaging. Not only does this help your customers stay your customers, but it also allows us to maintain our relationship as your lending partner for any further needs they may have.

All of this and more in one

Mobile and Desktop Web Application

Now you can control dashboard from anywhere!

Working with us has never been easier with a new streamlined interface that works on desktop and mobile devices.

Our Client Testimonials

Brian Palmer

Pinnacle Funding Group

“Franklin American has played an integral role in shaping my business.”

Chad Lemons

First Rate Financial

“Franklin American gave me my start as a mortgage broker.”

Tawna Cox

First Rate Financial

“Their innovation is quick and easy to use. There's not a lot of guessing with what to do next.”

Mark Harcrow

Signature Lending Services

“Franklin American delivers on the commitment to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible.”

PowerLX FAQs

PowerLX is a partner-focused mission designed to improve the user experience and facilitate the lending process through a set of tools and incentives. The goal is to create a single comprehensive ecosystem for our partners to close loans, market their business, earn rewards, and learn more about using our systems and products as well as other mortgage related information.

PowerLX is a more streamlined version of our website. It will allow you to manage your marketing (including social media), deliver real time loan quotes, and access relevant training resources.

PowerLX delivers a loan scenario builder allowing our customers to deliver multiple loan scenarios to borrowers in real time. In addition, this technology will give our customers access to customizable marketing collateral, social media content, and valuable industry resources and training.

PowerLX will enhance our customer experience by delivering technology and resources that help them grow their business. In addition, this new technology will reduce data entry and streamline customer interaction within our ecosystem.

At this time, there are no plans to integrate with individual partner LOS systems. However, we are committed to providing a full suite of applications to help you manage your business.

This technology offers all the tools you need to become a successful broker. Your Account Executive is always available for a face-to-face meeting to assist you in a smooth transition to becoming a broker.

Absolutely, you will be able to market to your customers utilizing customizable branded marketing materials via direct mail, email, and social media.

Yes. One of the features of PowerLX is an advanced Loan Scenario Builder, complete with an enhanced file upload function that reduces manual data entry.

Yes, our partners will have access to real time MI quotes that can be entered in PowerLX. The future state will be a fully integrated tool within PowerLX that will use imported data to return a best X PMI option.

We designed PowerLX to enhance and streamline your user experience. Our system will retain all current functionality while improving and streamlining your day-to-day experience.

We designed our technology to deliver an enhanced experience for both broker and EMB customers.

PowerLX was designed to be user friendly. With any new system there may be a short learning curve, but our professional Account Executives will be available for face-to-face training. You can also access our online job aids to help navigate PowerLX.

PowerLX is designed to help you work, learn, and grow! The included tools, such as a Loan Scenario Builder, customizable marketing materials, and valuable resources will make doing business easier and keep you ahead of your competition.

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