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Brian McGuinness

Sales Manager  |  Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator

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Franklin, TN 37067

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Brian McGuinness Testimonials

It is rare to find people in business now who always keep their word.  Brian is one of those people.  He was nothing but honest and hard-working for my wife and me.  With all of the stress of buying a house, the mortgage part of it was the least of our worries thanks to Brian and his teammates.  Thanks again!

Ben and Lindsey evans


Thanks again for everything you've done to help me through my first home buying experience. You were a big help as I learned about the mortgage process and I couldn't ask for a better mortgage package than the one you set up for me.  Hope to see you soon.



Thank you for your help in my home-buying process!!  It could not have gone better. I love my place! You really make the loan process very smooth and stress-free for me. Thanks again!


Hey Brian,

Thank you for your help with our mortgage. Brian McGuiness was a tremendous loan officer. We found him when we contacted Franklin American Mortgage looking for a construction loan. There weren't many loan officers that would touch our loan as we had many obstacles to overcome. Brian jumped in immediately and treated us with the same dignity and respect you would expect as an A+++ rated customer. He also got us a good interest rate!! Brian made the entire process seem effortless, even though it took jumping through numerous hoops for our loan to come to fruition. After Hurricane Katrina, our plans changed and our loan needs changed - again, Brian came to the rescue and helped us buy our house in Texas. We have been through many mortgage loan processes, and have been to many closings, but this was, by far, the easiest. It also doesn't hurt that Brian is ALWAYS available, ALWAYS in a GREAT mood and ALWAYS a pleasure to talk to.

Thanks Brian!!!
Michael and Patricia

Brian -

I wanted to remind you of how much I appreciated your time in meeting with me.  You not only gave me a moment to share the mutual benefits of working together, you also extended your courtesy in arranging our meeting next Tuesday.  I look forward to meeting your colleagues and seeing you again.  Again, thanks, and I look forward to working together.

First State Bank/VP

Dear Brian -

As always, you were terrific!  Many thanks for all your "tender touches" with the Waddells and for all of your help with me!  They were impressed, too!


Realtor, Keller Williams Green Hills

Brian -

Today would have never happened were it not for you.  Therefore, THANK YOU!!!

Your tireless efforts and never ending commitment to us and this loan is no less than impressive!  Again, thank you!

Kevin & Chantelle

Dear Mr. Medes,

I am writing you this letter to let you know of my experience with one of your loan officers at Franklin American, Brian McGuinness. I would like you to be aware of the type of company you are running and the type of people you have working for you. I am sure you get plenty of calls, letters, and e-mails every day, but I would ask that you please read this letter.

Almost two years ago, I began looking for a house for my young son and myself. Being a single parent and in college, it was not an easy process. I found my first realtor who began showing me houses, and then decided I needed to be pre-approved. He referred me to a lady whom he said would definitely get me into a house at PMG in Mt. Juliet, TN. At first she was happy to work with me, and drove to my office to get my application started. Everything looked great from what she said, and I should have no problem getting a house. As the days went by this great news became a little less than exciting. First, she said I would need a lot of up front money. I told her I did not have a lot of money, but I knew there were grants through my work. She led me to believe that was fine, and that I only needed to find a house.

One after another I found houses in my price range only to be told later I did not have enough money. They could only find ,000.00 in grant money with my employer and that was going to be used for all sorts of other things. In the end, my realtor and this lady tried to get me to buy a small crack house in a neighborhood that no single, 23 year old mother should even visit. This house was ,000.00, which I was told was a great price, and I should jump on the deal as there were no other options for me to get into a home, unless I wanted to wait several years. I, at this point, was desperate to find a home and tried to make sense of the whole thing, but could not see being afraid of coming home every night. I probably would have bought it, but even with good credit during a time when rates were at an all time low, they said 9.9% was the best they could do and I should be glad to have that. “After all, this is what our parents probably paid.”, they said. The turnoff for me was there was a second loan with an astronomical interest rate. In a couple of years the other loan would go into effect and the summary showed that I would end up paying a grand total of over 0,000.00 for my crack house! Can you imagine doing that to an already struggling single mom?

No, and lucky for me neither could Mr. McGuinness.

The same realtor took me to another agent at First Trust and when something similar happened, I gave up and rented a duplex from a friend. When a good friend of mine became a realtor, he sent me to Brian. I have to tell you, I was really mean to Brian and he should have ditched me, but he didn’t. You have to understand, I previously had contracts on about four houses only to be told at the last minute that I needed several thousand dollars in cash, or the low rate timed out. I had always been a trusting person and that trust had been violated to the point I felt everyone was out to get me. Brian, however, did not leave my side.

He called me often and brought paperwork to me since I was always at work or school. He even helped talk me out of buying a money pit that would probably have caused me to bankrupt the first year. He attended meetings and found me over ,000.00 in grant money! Can you believe that? Neither could I. I kept waiting for him to tell me I needed some more money or that my credit was a few points too low, but he never did. As much as he told me it would be okay, I never believed him.

When I found my house Brian told me I would be closing in a month, and I wouldn’t believe him. I did not tell anyone I had a house, because I was sure that even when we closed, until I received the keys, I would not get it.

My son and I now live in the neighborhood that I grew up in, with our dog, close to my family. We never have to feel scared, or afraid getting out of our car at night, and that is because Brian made a promise and kept it –

I am getting married in March. We are going to live in my house since it is bigger (and thanks to Brian) has lower payments than the house he bought five years ago. We will be ready to sell my house and buy a much larger one together sometime in the near future. It is a great feeling to know we have someone we can trust to close the deal.

Kindest regards,


The above tools and resources are filled with valuable information to save you time and money. The more educated you are, the better your experience will be. Use them often to make your home-buying or refinancing experience pleasurable! Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the mortgage lending process.


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