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Encompass Investor Connect

by EllieMae

Get loans purchased faster, with confidence. Automate to save time and minimize your risk by delivering accurate, and compliant loan data and documents directly and securely to your investors. 

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Traditional no longer works

Traditional loan package delivery is infamous for its manual processes, forcing lenders and investors to identify and sort documents, check key data, and then forcing the investor to repeat the entire process while you wait for them to re-check all the data – all at the significant cost of time, money, and increased risk. But now there’s a better way.

Easily confirm quality and audit information

With Encompass Investor Connect, you can easily produce an audit report of all the documents you send your investor. Each loan also has its own audit report, enabling you to quickly identify any incomplete or inconsistent data within the loan and the supporting documents. This means you can easily and proactively correct the problem prior to transferring the loan to your investor, and reduces stipulations and conditions on deliveries. The Audit Report will also be used by the investor to confirm the quality of the submitted loan data and document.
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