The Mortgage Rate Questions

November 14, 2023

Three important questions answered.
Key Indicator – The Jobs Machine

November 6, 2023

Will the job market slow down?
Why Predictions Don’t Work -- Redux

October 23, 2023

Disturbing global events continue to affect the economy.
One More Rate Increase

October 10, 2023

Will this increase help lower inflation?
Three Quarters of the Way Home

September 26, 2023

When will we see good inflation moderation news?
Just When You Thought It Was Safe

September 12, 2023

Ineffective predictions.
The Great Wealth Transfer is Underway

August 29, 2023

Unencumbered properties!
The Real Estate Picture

August 15, 2023

Where does the real estate market go from here?
So Begins The Dog Days of August

August 1, 2023

This year’s battle between good and evil.
Would Anyone Be Surprised?

July 25, 2023

Two more increases may be on the table.
Did the Jobs Machine Take a Breather as Well?

July 11, 2023

The Fed Waited – What did they see?
Recession Update

June 27, 2023

Will a recession finally arrive?
Here Comes The Fed

June 13, 2023

Has the tide really turned?
Seasonality, Debt and Banks

May 30, 2023

Why did we put these three words together?
Does It Feel Like a Recession?

May 16, 2023

Economy has remained relatively resilient.
Pulse of the Economy: Jobs

May 9, 2023

Economy is near full employment.
Decision Time For The Fed

May 2, 2023

Will there be another short-term rate increase?
Triple Whammy Time

April 25, 2023

Get ready for a busy two weeks.
There Are Predictions and Then There Are Predictions

April 18, 2023

Economy predictions revisited.
Between a Rock and a Hard Place

April 10, 2023

The Fed and the future of inflation.